New – Save More on replacement fabric with our Extended Service Plan

Now you can save even more with our Extended Service Plan. Purchasing our Extended Service Plan will go towards a discount on your future fabric replacement. Fabric replacement on your automatic pool cover may be necessary as the cover ages. If you have started to notice that your covers fabric is getting stiff, brittle, or cracked in some areas, it is time to replace the fabric.  Contact us to find out pricing for your automatic pool cover’s fabric replacement.

Extended Service Plans Purchased % off Replacement Fabric
1 Extended Service Plan 15% off Replacement Fabric
3 Extended Service Plans 25% off Replacement Fabric
5 Extended Service Plans 40% off Replacement Fabric

Coversafe also offers a full line of high-quality replacement parts and system upgrades for your current pool cover system, including:


Stainless Steel Components

This includes pulleys, endcaps, guide feeds and lid brackets, which ensure optimal system life and performance. The harsh environment of a pool is no match for stainless steel.

Three Channel Track

Building with separate slider channels eliminates binding and provides increased slider performance and reliability.

Detachable Rope

Having this option allows replacement of broken or worn rope while the cover is on, rather than having to send it to a factory for pool cover repair.

Painted Flat Aluminum Lid

A flush trim removes sharp edges and blends in with the pool surroundings. A hinged lid allows easy access to the cover mechanism.

Is my pool in need of replacement parts or service?

Four ways to know your pool cover needs attention:

Look for Wear and Tear

Pool chemicals, temperature variations and ultra violet light can break down the pool cover fabric over time. Look for cracks, peeling and weak spots on the cover where water may be seeping through the surface.

Touch the Cover Fabric

Pool cover fabric should be pliable and supple. When a cover becomes too stiff and brittle, there’s a good chance the fabric may need to be replaced.

Inspect Sewn Webbing Stitching

Traditional sewn webbing is a likely source of cover problems requiring pool maintenance. On standard pool covers, sewn threads can become frayed, cut or disintegrate over time, leading to cover failure. Remember, a cover with sewn webbing is only as safe as the stitching that holds it together.

Watch For Sewn Webbing Bunching

Covers with sewn webbing have a tendency to bunch up around the rope, which may cause the fabric to catch and tear on the fabric guides.

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