Automatic Pool Cover Installation

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Automatic Pool Cover Installation

Whether you’re looking to install an automatic pool cover as part of your new pool construction project, or add a cover to an existing pool, our goal is to make the installation process as easy and convenient as possible. Our automatic safety covers are safe, reliable, and can be fit to ANY shape or size in-ground pool. Additionally, they’re incredibly easy to use – open or close your automatic pool cover in seconds with the push of a button. When closed, the auto cover will create an impenetrable barrier that is strong enough to hold at least 485 lbs – the estimated average weight of two adults and one child. CoverSafe, Inc. offers installations of the safest and most durable automatic pool cover brands available on the market: CoverStar by Latham Pool Products, and Cover-Pools automatic pool cover systems. Both brands are certified and exceed the requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM F1346-91), which sets safety standards for swimming pool safety covers.
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The Installation Process

A light blue undertrack guide automatic pool cover is shown 3/4 closed.
For New Pool Construction:

Working with your Pool Builder

We will work with you and your pool builder to determine the best possible design for your new pool construction. From fabric colors to tracks, our automatic safety covers are fully customizable to match the style and design of your outdoor living space. Browse features and options of our brands to help you imagine your ideal automatic pool cover setup. Not sure what’s right for your project? Talk with a member of our customer care team today.
For Existing Pools:

Adding to your Existing Pool

Existing pools can be covered using deck-mounted tracks to guide the automatic pool cover. The mechanism can either be housed on top of the deck or recessed below the deck if the construction allows for it. Browse features and options of our brands to help you imagine your ideal deck mounted automatic pool cover. Contact us for a free estimate on your existing pool installation!
New Pool Cover on an existing pool, freeform pool, top track and recessed mechanism.
Pool Cover Installation

Guide Options

New pool cover for a new pool construction, under guide system

Under Guide System

Under Guide systems are embedded in the pool wall or mounted to the bottom side of rectangular pools’ coping, allowing the tracks to remain virtually unnoticed. Under tracks are installed during your pools construction or require the existing pool area to be completely renovated. For an even more integrated look, track can be built directly into the pool wall using track encapsulation.

Recessed guide system

Recessed Guide System

Recessed Guide systems can be used to cover most freeform pool shapes. The cover's tracks are built into the deck area during the pools construction or during an existing pools renovation. The cover’s drive system can be installed under an aluminum lid that is flush with the deck or mounted to the surface of the deck of an existing pool.

Deck mounted and top track automatic pool cover

Top Guide System

Existing pools and freeform pools can be covered using Top Guide systems to guide the automatic pool cover. The cover's tracks are mounted directly to the pool deck with no need to disturb the pool decks original construction. The cover's drive system can either be recessed below the deck if construction allows or in a housing bench that is mounted on top of the pool deck.

Pool Cover Installation

Available Cover Systems

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Available Models
Infinity 4000
Atom Low Offset
CS300HD Spa

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Available Models
T4 Cable
T4 Versa



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