Mission + History

Our Mission

We save lives and energy through the installation and service of automatic pool covers and other layers of protection. Our strength is the experience and dedication of our team members. In keeping our values we will fulfill the needs of our customers, team members, shareholders and suppliers.


The demand for pool covers is growing faster than the demand for new swimming pools. As our covers are more widely known and recognized as the safest and most energy efficient way to have a pool, the demand will increase at a greater rate. This will require us to have the ability to install thousands of automatic pool covers per year and service tens of thousands. We must focus on the development of our people and processes to meet this demand. It will require us to embrace new ways of thinking and working while staying firmly established upon our values.

Coversafe, Inc. is evolving to operate in a more competitive and changing environment. As the products of competitors become better, it will be left to the quality and talent of our team members to be our enduring competitive advantage. Our ability to remain a viable company will depend upon how well we each personally develop our talents and skills as well as aid in the development of other team members.


Adam Marble joined the automatic pool cover business in the summer of 2001, at only 21 years old. His journey began while working for Coverstar East Coast located in Maryland. In 2003, after spending 2 years with the company, Adam was asked to travel to CT and assist in developing the market here for automatic pool covers. He spent two weeks per month in CT, and sold 17 covers during this time. Recognizing the potential for a growing business Adam moved to Brookfield, CT in 2004, working out of only a semi-trailer. In 2005 he found his home here in Thomaston, CT, and began to grow his team. With a larger warehouse and reliable team members, the company thrived and Adam was named General Manager for Coverstar East Coast in 2010. He served as President from 2011 until early 2013 when he bought the Northeast portion of operations from Coverstar East Coast and named his new company Coverstar Northeast, Inc. As Coverstar Northeast continued to grow, Adam wanted to show that the company’s abilities far surpassed just the installation and service of Coverstar automatic pool covers, the knowledge and expertise spans all brands of automatic covers. In 2014, to illustrate this better to customers, Adam changed the name of Coverstar Northeast to Coversafe, Inc. Today, Coversafe operates in 5 states; CT, NY, NJ, PA, and NC.

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