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Customer Testimonials

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I had my cover installed 3 years ago and due to the design of the pool, it left a small exposed area that attracted birds. Adam, the owner of CoverSafe, came out to diagnose the issue and came up with a creative solution that completely fixed the problem. To me, follow up is so important and I really appreciate the work that was done. We went from having an untenable situation to enjoying our pool again!

Steve from Connecticut

Steve Mendell

Ronnie and Joey first arrived to install pool cover and informed us that we needed a new drum. As result, they had to return a second time to complete the work. They performed exceptional and meticulous work, spending hours on removal of old cover and installation of new. They were courteous, cooperative and extremely competent. They left the pool area in immaculate condition. We are extremely happy with the time the entire process took, from ordering to installation. We highly recommend Coversafe.

Adam Pick

I am totally impressed with the knowledge and expertise of Adam of Cover Safe. Last summer I had a new motor for my electric pool cover installed by a different electric pool cover company. After that I had an issue with the ropes getting tangled almost every time we opened the cover. I had 2 other companies come numerous times to service the issue last summer and again this summer. We fixed almost every other part of the cover and the problem was still occurring. Adam came one time and within an hour he realized what the problem was and fixed it on the spot. No more tangled ropes!! He is definitely the “King” of pool cover repair. They are definitely the best pool cover company around!! I wish I had used them sooner!

Lisa Graffeo

Things don’t always go as planned – that’s life. My recent experience with CoverSafe out of Frederick, MD is a perfect example of how a good business can turn a difficult situation into a remarkable success story. They displayed a level of integrity, professionalism, and customer-centric service I rarely see in businesses anymore.

It started with a full pool cover replacement after 10+ years of usage. Trevor replaced the pool cover with no issues, except the wheels were missing from the project materials. No problem since the old wheels still worked, they would just return another day to switch them out. However, there was an issue with the key not working in the switch afterwards…..found out the key broke and the spare was left…..didn’t work so Kevin came out within a couple of days to switch out the wheels and gave his spare key…..that key worked and the pool cover was usable again; however, let’s change it to a toggle switch since the key switch controls are so old and finicky. Long story short, multiple tech calls, electrician appointments, manufacturer calls, etc., I calmly summarized my frustrations and concerns with the coordinator (Nancy). She too calmly composed herself with professionalism and compassion over the situation. She basically said, “I hear you, we share your frustration, and we got you – we’ll do everything we can to make this right.”

Some additional research and legwork were necessary with the manufacturer, but Kevin was back within a week to personally correct the situation. Guess what? After several hours, that solution didn’t work either; however, Kevin would not be defeated. He returned first thing in the morning with a 100% guaranteed solution. It is certainly their goal to fulfill an order with no issues and within the fewest trips possible, but things happen. This company will do everything they can to work with you and I have no doubt they will go above and beyond for you, as they did for me. Special thanks to the technician (Kevin) for his dedication to solving the problem, for not cutting any corners, and providing one of the best redeeming customer service experiences possible.

Chad Everett Mullenix

Thank you so much for everything! Zac did an excellent job! We will enjoy an excellent weekend now thanks to CoverSafe!

R. V.
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