Why We Bundle Buy - buying product in bulk helps us offer the lowest prices on automatic pool cover parts and accessories.

Why We Bundle Buy

Why do we bundle buy our products? In a business that does most of its work in the warmer months of the year, you might expect to see empty warehouses during those wintery months.  But not so with CoverSafe, we take advantage of our “off season” by preparing for the busy months ahead! Doing this allows us to buy a lot of our inventory early and in bulk, and we are happy to pass on those advantages to those who work with us. 

Taking advantage of bundle buying is a way to we get a “WIN-WIN” for everyone.

  1.  Buying early helps our manufacturers stay on top of production.
  2. Shipping fees, packaging, and fuel used are minimized as we ship in bulk.
  3. Our product can be installed that much sooner because we have a lot of the components available on site.

Discounted Maintenance Services

It pays to plan ahead with our seasonal maintenance plan, too! If your automatic pool cover is in need of service, our Extended Service Plan is listed at a special discounted price from January 1st – March 31st. Purchasing a service plan early will help ensure you get the best pricing, and access to most available schedule slots. Keep in mind, our spring maintenance schedule does tend to fill up quick!

For more information about Coversafe and Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers, please visit Coversafe.com, or call us at 866-746-8444.
Leave a comment if you have also seen the benefits of buying in bulk work for you!

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