3 Types of Savings from an Automatic Pool Cover

Savings from an automatic pool cover. Royal blue automatic pool cover is halfway covering a large in-ground pool.

Automatic Pool Covers = BIG Savings

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Pool safety is one of our highest priorities here at CoverSafe, and we love to talk about the life saving benefits of an automatic pool cover. However, in this article we chose to focus on some of the other savings you can see with the addition of a pool cover. Not only will we cover some of the monetary savings of owning a pool cover, but we feel it’s also important to highlight how it can help reduce your environmental impact! At a time when it is more crucial than ever to conserve both water and energy, an automatic pool cover is a great step in the right direction for the future.

1. Less Time Spent Cleaning Your Pool

The ability to open and close your pool quickly with your automatic pool cover can save you time and money on pool maintenance. Spend more time swimming and less time cleaning leaves and other debris from your pool! Your automatic pool cover will also help stop evaporating water, which can help save you money on replacing chemicals. Many automatic pool cover owners see their pool chemical consumption drop anywhere from to 35-60%. As a long term effect, this can help the environment by reducing the energy used on packaging and transportation of chemicals.

2. Less Heat and Water Loss

Evaporation is the leading cause of heat loss your pool will experience. On average, a standard size pool will lose roughly 1-4 inches of water a week through evaporation. Keeping your cover closed while your pool is not in use is the #1 way to prevent evaporation and heat loss. Thanks to the covers evaporation slowing properties, you will also notice the cost to heat your pool drop significantly with regular use of your pool cover. It’s been reported that pool cover owners save as much as 50-70% on pool heating costs! Cutting down on the energy used to heat your pool helps reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Lower Electricity Use

Automatic pool cover owners have also enjoyed the benefit of lowered electricity bills. This is thanks to the reduced amount of dirt and debris in your pool! Keeping your pool covered when not in use will keep your pump and filter running more efficiently AND helps to reduces the overall time spent running.

Savings from an Automatic Pool Cover

In closing, many automatic pool cover owners report seeing savings of up to 60% less water loss/chemical consumption, and up to 70% less on pool heating costs. Covering a pool when not in use is the most effective way to reduce the costs of owning a pool – an automatic pool cover helps make that quick, easy, and safe. 

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