Can you install an automatic pool cover after the pool is installed?

Q: Can you install an automatic pool cover after the pool is installed?

A:  Yes, automatic pool covers can be installed on existing in-ground pools!

Missed out on adding a cover when the pool was built, or moved into a home with a pool? There are still cover options available for your existing pool!  Adding an automatic pool cover is a great safety addition to your pool area with many features and benefits.  

Here are the best options for homeowners looking to add an automatic pool cover to an existing pool:
Deck Mounted System

Deck mounted systems are a great option for homeowner’s that want minimal renovations done to their pool area.  These systems have cover tracks that are secured directly onto the surface of the deck or pools coping.  The cover mechanism can either be housed on top of the deck or recessed below the deck if the construction allows for it.

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Under Guide System

Many homeowners choose to add an automatic pool cover during their pools renovation. Under-track systems can be installed if the pools coping is being replaced.  We will work with the pool builder to install the cover tracks while the coping is renovated. 

Under Guide systems are embedded in the pool wall or mounted to the bottom side of rectangular pools’ coping, allowing the tracks to remain virtually unnoticed. For an even more integrated look, track can be built directly into the pool wall using track encapsulation.

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Pre-Sites Estimates

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CoverSafe, Inc. offers a variety of automatic pool cover services, including installation, seasonal maintenance, repairs, and system or fabric replacements. Browse all of our services online by clicking here, or by calling 866-746-8444.

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