Annual Pool Cover Maintenance 101

How to Maintain your Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are very reliable pieces of equipment – so just how important is regular maintenance? Similar to cars, automatic pool covers will run smoothly for many years with proper maintenance and regular checkups. Parts like the covers’ ropes, pulleys, and guide feeds should all be inspected by a professional, who will tighten any loose fittings or replace parts if they become worn down. It’s important to catch these possible issues early to avoid a costly and potentially dangerous situation. 

Often times, a majority of automatic pool cover service calls happen after a problem has already occurred. Closely examining each of the cover parts for worn areas and scheduling professional maintenance yearly is the best way to ensure there will be no gaps in your pool season from a broken part. Continue reading to learn more about how to maintain your automatic pool cover to make your investment last for many years to come!

Annual Pool Cover Maintenance

Clean the Cover

Branches, leaves, and other large debris should be removed from the covers surface before every operation of the cover. Any debris that has not been removed will eventually end up cluttering the cover box area. You may consider washing the top surface of the cover to remove dirt or chemical residue. The easiest way to wash the fabric of an automatic pool cover is to use a soft bristle brush and a gentle soap. You may walk on the cover (only while cover is completely closed over the pool) to clean it’s surface with some lightweight shoes to avoid damaging the covers surface. Helpful hint: A complimentary Cover Wash and UV treatment are included with our Extended Service Plans! Your automatic pool cover will be working AND looking like brand new again. 

Note: It’s also very important to keep your cover pump on your cover when it is closed to avoid pooling water on the cover, which can put an enormous strain on the cover system. 

Check the Tracks

At the least once a year, the automatic pool cover tracks should be checked for buildup of leaves, chemicals, or any other debris. You can spray the tracks with a garden hose to remove any debris. Most importantly, if there is any visible damage to any part of the pool cover system we recommend scheduling a service call with one of our professionally trained technicians as soon as possible.

Clean the Cover Box

If you have easy access to the automatic pool cover box, you can clean any branches or leaves that have entered the area near the cover roll. Prop open or remove the cover lid and use a wet/dry shop vacuum to clean leaves and debris from the cover box. A dirty cover box that is left for too long will soon begin fill up with muck and can eventually cause problems for the cover, motor, or other pieces of pool equipment. If you prefer to leave things to a professional, our Basic System Maintenance plan includes cleaning of the cover box as well as full system inspection, tightening of any loose bolts, and lubrication of all pulleys and fittings. 

All things considered, keeping your water chemistry balanced, maintaining a proper water level, and yearly maintenance are the secret to automatic pool cover longevity. Planning ahead with preventative maintenance will keep your pool cover operating smoothly for years to come. We offer a variety of automatic pool cover services – installation, seasonal maintenance, repairs, and system or fabric replacements. Browse all of our services online here. For even more information, please visit or call us at 866-746-8444.

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