4 Tips on How to Prepare your Pool for a Storm

Savings from an automatic pool cover. Royal blue automatic pool cover is halfway covering a large in-ground pool.

4 Tips to Prepare your Pool for a Major Storm or Hurricane

One of the biggest mistakes a pool owner can make is forgetting to prepare their pool area before a storm. A hurricane or bad storm can wreak havoc on your pool, especially your automatic pool cover if unprepared. But Coversafe is here to help! We’ve put together a list of the 4 best tips to help you prepare your automatic pool cover and pool area for a hurricane or other major storm.

1. Don’t Cover your Pool

Leave your pool uncovered!  It may seem like the right thing to do, but covering your pool during a major storm could damage your pool cover. Falling branches or trees, flash flooding, or strong winds could tear the cover from the system. It’s better to leave your pool uncovered until the storm has passed.

2. Clean the Pool Area

Clear the area. Clear your pool area of any chairs, tables, or other loose items. Wind speeds over 50 – 60 mph are considered dangerous, but even 30 – 40 mph winds can blow down patio umbrellas or small trees. Bring everything that you can indoors during a major storm, or make sure the item is securely tied down.

3. Turn off Power Sources Before Storm

Turn off all power sources in the pool area. Leaving electricity, propane, gas, or other power sources on could be potentially dangerous if struck by lightning, flooded, or damaged by falling debris.

4. After Storm Cleanup

After the storm, clean up any debris in the pool and around the pool area. Check the automatic pool cover box for debris or visible damage too – if anything looks broken or out of place with your pool cover system,  schedule a Non-working cover service, or reach out to us by calling 866-746-8444.  Our professionally trained technicians will help to ensure that your pool cover is working properly and most importantly, safe.

For more tips on hurricane and major storm safety, visit the RedCross.org. For more information about Coversafe and Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers, please visit Coversafe.com, or call us at 866-746-8444.

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