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Fill out the form to request a quote for replacement pool cover fabric installation – Our service coordinator for your area will reach out to provide pricing and set up the fabric replacement install date.

Please note: If your pool is already closed or winterized, we will remove the Winter cover and replace it after the new fabric has been installed. 



Replacement Incentive Plan

Replacement fabric incentive program details

Automatic pool cover fabric will begin to show some signs of wear as a result of being exposed to environmental elements over time. On average, an automatic pool covers fabric will last 7 years depending on pool water and chemical buildup, sunlight exposure, and other environmental elements. If you have started to notice that your covers fabric is getting stiff, brittle, or cracked in some areas, it is time to replace the fabric! CoverSafe offers an exclusive replacement fabric incentive plan with the purchase of our Extended Service Plan. 

Estimate the cost of your fabric replacement below by using our Instant Cost Estimate tool. Simply enter the square footage of your pool, as well as number of Extended Service Plans you have purchased from CoverSafe. Your discount will be instantly applied and displayed on screen!

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