Is Your Auto Cover Ready For Winter?

October 4, 2019


Is Your Auto Cover Ready For Winter?


Do you know if your automatic pool cover is prepared for colder weather? Winter will be here before you know it, and proper winterization will extend the overall lifespan of your pool cover system and swimming pool. Following these simple precautions before and during winter will help keep an automatic pool cover running it’s best for many more seasons to come:

Pool Chemistry Balance

Before closing up for winter, make sure that the pool water is chemically balanced. You should also double check the water a day or two after the chemicals have been added to make sure they have had a chance to mix completely.

Turn Running Equipment Down (Not Off!)

Turn down the chemical pumps and ozone generators to their lowest running level. This will help prevent long-term exposure and build up on the cover, which can be harmful to the fabric over time.

Monthly Water Level Inspections

Make at least a monthly inspection of the pools water level during the winter. If the water level in the pool is not properly maintained, serious damage to the cover can occur. Properly maintaining a pools water level prevents damage from excess weight on the surface of the cover.

Keep the Cover Pump on

Keep your cover pump running, and check on it often to make sure it is operating properly. Even a few inches of snow or water on top of the cover is an enormous weight that can pull the cover and guides into the pool.

Is your auto cover ready for winter?

Blue cover pump on a royal blue automatic pool cover


For even more helpful tips on closing your pool for winter, check out these resources:
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